The Wall

A traveler came to the old capital with his vintage camera that had an accordion lens and shot large format film. There was a famous wall there where citizens would glue or pin up their posters, grievances, unpublished novels, poems, love letters, accusations, vindictive and compromising drawings of old lovers, manifestoes, gossip, lies, public service announcements, censored news, questionable ads for obscure medicines, alternative history and sometimes real history. There was little worth reading. At last he came to a section painted with chalkboard paint and covered with an enigmatic poem in white chalk that read: #noitisnt #notheycant #notheywont #noyouarent

The Strange Beasts 

What beast crawls on four legs in the morning, walks on two at noon and three at twilight? asked the strange creature composed of an anthropoid head, a leonine body and the wings of a chiropter. The atomic kind, like every other beast, said the philosopher as she sketched an illegible landscape of dots. The strange creature fell silent and looked sadly at the blurry horizon.  

The Teacher

One teacher walks the long road of heavy burdens. The teacher must remember to walk this straight road of gravel and dust and enjoy the wayside grass. The stations will remain indefinable. The teacher will walk with purpose. The teacher must remain clean shaven on his skull and face. The rice cakes must remain fresh and edible. The robes must gently flutter in the wind. It must be sunny. The sky will remain open for seasonable hours. The teacher may follow the bailiff but he may not be the bailiff, regardless of moonlight or rain. The roadside grass will be reasonable even if the blades are full of mystery. It is forbidden for him not to be grave and light-hearted. It is forbidden for him to forget. And if he should encounter a skull upon the roadway, he shall remain silent and wait until the bones speak or laugh.