The Wanderer 

A wanderer traveled from town to town, searching for the meaning of life. The mystics said that the answers were in silence. The philosophers said that there were no answers and only questions. In the last town, the scientists told him that what mattered was the number of the questions and possible answers and how to measure their constant changes. They also provided some rules on testing, publication and funding. Wandering in the woods, the poor man came upon a witch. The witch spoke of an ancient god who, not knowing the origin of the earth or the nature of things, went on a quest to find the narrative of life among the very giants who would later destroy all life. This was followed by stories of elephant gods, goddesses of murder, rapacious lightning bolts, and sacred hares. In the end, the witch offered to sell him some herbs and aromatic oils. The wanderer declined, and continued on his journey. The wanderer crossed mountains of silver fir, holm oak and mountain pine, passing among ridges of the whitest snow. The sky could have blinded him with its radiance. In the snow on the slopes of a hill, the wanderer came upon the body of an old priest, who had succumbed to starvation and the elements while making his pilgrimage. The wanderer retrieved the crucifix and rosary which the trembling old hands must have dropped in the snow. After burying the body, he whispered his promise to complete the unfinished pilgrimage on behalf of the old priest. 

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