The Sky Girl

Once upon a time there was a flight attendant. She was born in the east fifty years after or before the turn of the century. One day, she was on an airplane cruising over mountains covered in pine forests. There was a great explosion and the plane crashed. The young woman fell 10,000 meters from the sky. She did not have a parachute, and yet she was the only survivor of the air disaster. After recovering from her injuries, she continued to work for the airline company. She is still alive and holds the record for surviving the highest fall from the sky without a parachute. Those with dark hearts have doubted her story, contrary to all evidence, and have maligned her character without reason. Others have stared into the clouds and wondered why a woman who could survive the commotions of heaven would bother to return to the dust of the earth. And then there are those who wonder whether or not the only way to see the sky is to fall.


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