The Betrayal

The messenger ran into the rustic teahouse where the old master was pondering a gentle ripple crossing the surface of his tea. When the messenger had finally caught his breath, he reported that the great swordsman, who served as the highest ranking general in the land, had revolted and burned to death his liege, the warlord of the realm, by surrounding and setting fire to the ancient temple where he was staying. It had come as a great shock, as the swordsman had always been upright and loyal. Needless to say, an army from the west had arrived within a fortnight to avenge the warlord. The reign of the swordsman had already ended, and he was either dead or cloistered in a secret monastery somewhere. One could not imagine how such things came about. It was a most tragic betrayal. The old master sipped his tea, and remarked that the great swordsman had finally learned something of value.