The Alcazar 

In a land of long twilights and melting guitars, a man was lost and confused. For he no longer remembered if he was trying to escape from the alcazar or to enter it. The moon and stars, for example, were both the celestial bodies glimmering above inaccesible ramparts as well as the embroidery of a tapestry on an interior wall. The stones belonged to a castle corridor and to some rockery in a country field. To enter or exit a castle, one needed passwords, and none of the shadows he encountered comprehended his words, so this did not help him. Sometimes he thought he looked out upon the world from a high tower; sometimes he seemed to be looking up at its reddish battlements from a great distance. The haunting voice of a damsel both allured and repelled him. Visions of the castle and the open earth bled their rust into each other, and he shivered. Nights are always cold and lonesome, whether you are inside or outside.