The Rings

It has long been known that it is easy to terrorize and torment the children of the sun. One merely draws a circle in the sand or dirt around the child, and it will immediately burst into tears and wring its hands, trapped forever until an outsider breaks the ring. When the topography is harder and there is no sand to be had, as in a stone courtyard, one may draw the circle with chalk or charcoal. For days after an event in a ring, the child will be blind and live in a black deliriun. It will see itself as a skeleton in an infinite void, perhaps, or as a lone star constantly being born, being extinguished, and being reborn in an infinite time that transcends the hours that fall to earth. Its mind will only leave the bottomless shaft of that ring, that well of sorrows, long after the body has stepped out into the open. Sadly, the wisdom of these legends has yet to manifest itself in real life. Most of the time, there is a great riot leading up to the drawing of the ring, with screams and shouts, but once drawn, the imprisoned victim and the imprisoned victors, disappointed if not deflated, look awkwardly at one another over the curving mute threshold, waiting for as long as patience and silence endure. The revelation will not be had, and the event will not happen.

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